Unique Whiteboard Animations

With the rise in video marketing, many industries are looking to attract a wider audience with new and impressive features within this form of content. For a personal touch to your videos choose our gifted team at First To Draw, where we specialise in creating distinct whiteboard animations.

Over time we have created a wide range of videos to suit many different industry sectors. Whether you’re in healthcare, technology or other, we are sure that we can create a visually stunning and professional video that will express your point appropriately for your business.

Unlike some other forms of media, videos have an increasing potential to go viral. That is why we create our whiteboard animations to ensure that they have the possibility of becoming a hit across the internet for your company; as well as be a useful tool for use in or outside of your business.

We believe that it is important for videos to be individual from other company works. That is why we make sure that all your images are custom-made for your project. In addition to this, we can write up scripts and provide voiceovers if you are unsure about what you want exactly for your video.

So don’t hesitate to choose our team at First To Draw today and have your very own video for your company.

If you would like to find out more information about our whiteboard animations, you can give us a call on +44(0)1302 247292. Alternatively, you can message our team by emailing us at hello@firsttodraw.com.

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