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Marketing videos – Increase the bottom line

The bottom line can be increased using marketing videos

We live in an “instant information “ technology driven world.

With this advancement in technology has come a change in the sharing of information.

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Myths of video marketing squashed

Today, let’s set the record straight on the most common video marketing myths

In a previous post, “An increasingly popular way to improve the bottom line” , we discussed the reasons why you should invest in video marketing for your website in 2015 and the reasons it works so well.

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Increasing the bottom line – some great videos

To give you some ideas – perhaps

Following on from previous posts where we looked at the compelling nature of videos for promotional and training purposes, I thought I would share with you some of my favorites from a cross-section of platforms

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PowerPoint v Whiteboard for stories

People have been picking on PowerPoint for a long time

Emerging “visual story-tellers” speak of using large metaphorical imagery or borrowed instant photography and flooding slides with just a few key words

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Script – writing the perfect one

The main thing is to know who your target audience is, and to show that the audience needs that product

Get a clear understanding of this before putting pen to paper. Think about questions such as target age, male or female? What is their education level ? are they casual or professional ?

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Whiteboard videos. Why are they so effective?

There many ways to tell your audience how great your company is

but sitting and explaining your product takes time, and, let’s face it, can become rather boring for everyone

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Video. Why you need a “call to action”?

It’s possibly the most important bit, of a whiteboard sales and marketing video,

that persuades the viewer of that video to do something.

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What’s better than a marketing video?

A promotional video you can interact with.

If you didn’t see our previous post on the growing use of promotional videos it’s available to view by clicking on

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Whiteboard animation voiceovers. Do they matter?

Simple answer is yes. Very much so.

Choosing the right voiceover can totally alter the mood, personality and feel of your video.

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Video – why use an explainer video?

There is no better way to quickly and effectively introduce your product

or service to consumers than with video.You have very little time to make the right impression on customers

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Explainer videos – the facts

If you are not using an explainer video as part of your online marketing strategy then your company may be falling behind your competition.

More and more internet users are viewing video content to aid their decision in buying

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Videos on your home page. Do’s and Don’ts

What kind of business can benefit from a video on their landing page?

The answer is easy. Almost any kind of business can benefit.

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Your video – Your music

Choosing the right background music for your video

Background music plays a huge role in your video.

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Whiteboard videos – where to use them

Different ways to use your whiteboard videos

So You have your whiteboard video, now what?

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Whiteboard video versus talking heads

Whiteboard animation videos are the ultimate explainer video.

We know they have the ability to hold a viewer’s attention

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How long should my video be?

This is a question many clients ask, and you’d be surprised just how much can be communicated in a whiteboard video of only 60-90 seconds.

Having said that, it’s so important to think about

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So you have your video from First to Draw? Now what?

Firstly you’ll want to share your video,

and drive as much traffic as possible

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