Whiteboard voiceovers. Do they matter ?

Simple answer is yes, very much so. Choosing the right voiceover can totally alter the mood, personality and feeling of your whiteboard video. It simply adds the emotion.

The purpose of the whiteboard video is to make the viewer ‘take action’. To tell your viewers what you want them to do at the end of the video. The right voiceover plays a huge part in this, and making the right choices can be crucial.
Struggling to decide ? Well there is a lot to think about. You may be asking yourself, should they have an accent ? What style and tone should I use ? The first thing to decide is whether it’s a male or female voiceover that will be the most effective to bring your video to life ?
Here’s a little help for you, and some things to think about.

Should I choose female?
The purpose of an explainer or whiteboard video is to make your viewer feel comfortable and gain trust. Typically, a female voice is soothing. A soothing voice allows the viewer to trust what they are hearing. Studies show that both women and men tend to trust women more. This is one reason a soft female voice is believable and can be preferable. Think again about the purpose of your video. Are you promoting a product aimed at the female audience ? Then lets face it, most women would not buy make up and trust the voice of deep rough male voice for this product.

What about the male voice, though?
Think about the viewers your video is for, what is your main target audience ? If your product is aimed at males such as cars or gadgets then studies have also shown people are more likely to buy a car or a computer from a man. If it is a product a man is interested in then it’s likely men will follow the advice of a male voice. Is your message a forceful one? Then a recent study has shown that audiences tend to listen to a male voice more when instructions are given in a male dominated industry.

Still unsure ?
Both the male and female voice over will have persuasion power. It can come down to personal choice. Just remember to think about your target audience when choosing.
Listen to samples, think about your product and your call to action. Ask a few people which they think would best suit your product .

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