Whiteboard video versus talking heads

Whiteboard animation videos are the ultimate explainer video.

We know they have the ability to hold a viewer’s attention, are highly engaging, and can educate viewers, but how does that compare to other video formats ?

Someone who is much smarter than us has already asked this question and has the answers. That someone is Dr. Richard Wiseman, the award winning Professor of Psychology. He has written over 10 books, and appears all over the Internet, and on TV. People take notice of him.

talking heads

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Dr. Wiseman created 2 videos. One was a talking head video of himself, and the other was a whiteboard animation video, using the same audio. He the showed a group of people one or the other, and asked them questions about what they had learnt. Dr. Wiseman said the difference was ‘absolutely massive’. The favor was towards the whiteboard video, of course.

The test he did showed that there was a 15% increase in the information the viewers retained. He credits the immerse experience of the whiteboard video for the drastic increase in memory. The results also showed they found the whiteboard video much more entertaining. This explains why whiteboard videos are 3 times more likely to be shared or referred to a friend/colleague.

Our friends at Sparkol, makers of whiteboard animation software, decided to put this to the test, and do their own experiment. They sent 2000 viewers either a talking head video, or a whiteboard scribe video. Both had the exact same audio, length and pitch.

Then they asked the viewers the exact same questions about their retention of the information, enjoyment, and how likely they were to respond. The whiteboard animation video out performed the talking head video at every level.

Those who had seen the whiteboard scribe video performed better in 4 out of 5 memory tests.

The whiteboard scribe video was 3 times more likely to be shared.

The scribe video was over twice as likely to be recommended.

4 out of 10 scribe viewers would have bought the service described in the video, twice as many as the talking head viewers.

The whiteboard video came out on top tested with all age brackets and both sexes.

We know that in order to remember something, you need to attend to it in the first place. If you haven’t got people’s attention, you’re not going to get the information in. I think what the animations do is hold that attention. They hold it in an incredibly engaging way’. -Dr. Richard Wiseman.

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