How long should my video be?

This is a question many clients ask, and you’d be surprised just how much can be communicated in a whiteboard video of only 60-90 seconds.

Having said that, it’s so important to think about the style of video you want, too.

The last thing you want is to create an amazing video, but viewers switch off as it’s too long, or people watch your video, but miss out on the key details, because it’s just too short.

So it has to be the right length. Maybe the best way is not to ask “How long should my video be?” but “how long do I need to convey my message” and in a way that will hold people’s attention, and get my message across?

If you do that, then then even 3-4 minutes of video will keep your viewer’s full attention.

Create a video for your target audience; keep things interesting and relevant to them. Keep in mind your video should be something the viewers need, or a problem they need to solve, that only your product or service can give the answer. Don’t make the video all about your company without telling the viewers what’s in it for them. That way they are sure to keep watching.

Depending on the style of your videos, the times may vary. If the purpose is to educate or inform a viewer of a complicated product, then a longer video will work better, to share sufficient information.

An educational video will often need to go over 90 seconds. However it will hold the viewer’s attention, as they are watching it with the intention of learning, and gaining knowledge from the video. If you need a much longer video then think about breaking the information down into four or five 60 second video’s. This way the viewer is much more likely to continue to watch till the end.

Think about whether all the information you want to say is really necessary, avoid information overload, and overwhelming viewers.

It can sometimes be really difficult to edit your script,s and to say the same content but in fewer words. However a visual image can replace a thousand words. That’s what makes whiteboard animation so successful. Ask someone who is totally independent to look through your script, and pick out the key features that they think are powerful, and never forget the important “call to action” at the end.

If you’re still not sure how long your video should be, then contact us now. We can help you communicate any message efficiently, and effectively, that make sure it works, for you and your viewers.

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