• Let the story begin

    To begin lets figure out what's best for YOU !! We start with a creative call, and need to know the features and benefits of your company and products. We welcome your thoughts and ideas and a script if you have one. Once you've signed the First to Draw contract, and made the first half of the payment, the fun begins.

    Let the story begin
  • Create Script

    If you don't have a script its no problem. From our creative call and ideas we are happy to create one. We can do this in any language, no problem. It's in our best interest for your video to be a success.

    Create Script
  • Storyboard

    The fun part !! After we have completed the script, its time for our artists to create your characters. We will send you the storyboard for approval, and for any amendments. The storyboard will consist of one scene in the proposed style, and the other scenes with stick characters. After approval we move onto the recording and bringing it all to life.

  • Voiceover & Music

    The music creates the mood, and we will suggest a suitable track. It is essential that the voice and tempo match the video we are making for you. If you're having a voiceover then we will ask one of our experienced artists to record this for you in any language. We will, of course, ask for your approval before we record the final script.

    Voiceover & Music
  • Record & edit

    This is where it all comes together now. You sit back and relax, and one of our experienced editors brings it all to life. We will send you the draft, and any final editing can now take place.

    Record & edit
  • Final Video

    The whole process can take between four and six weeks, depending on the time taken on the approval of the script, voiceover and storyboard. We enjoy this part as much as you will enjoy the final video. We know you will like the video. Have fun !!!

    Final Video
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