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We live in an “instant information “ technology driven world.

With this advancement in technology has come a change in the sharing of information.

Images were combined with text to promote product, services, software and much more, often in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

This form of packaged information has evolved into video presentations. These have adopted different names such as whiteboard videos, explainer videos, scribe videos, marketing videos and animated doodling

For those of you who may not have come across this type of media. Here’s one. .


They can be fun, intelligent, and entertaining, in a way that encourages people to share them, and make them go viral. Lets look at why.

Such videos are fun and entertaining

Whiteboard videos are both fun and entertaining. They don’t immediately yell to the customer “buy from me”. So the viewers will be at ease. Purchasing something (in most cases) is emotion based. If your customers are in a good mood then they are naturally more willing to buy from you. Whiteboard videos do exactly that, they put your customers in a relaxed mindset, and selling to them is made easier.

These videos communicate

People do enjoy watching visuals. It gets your message across. They are cheaper to create than a filmed video, (does Spielberg come cheap ?). This means you can compete with the big boys, and the big budget ads. Viewers will retain your message – which is paramount. Universities, schools, other educational establishments, and even museums are realizing the potential of whiteboard animation as a teaching aid. Owing to their broad appeal, whiteboard videos can engage an entire class, despite learning preferences. So reaching out to any audience is possible

These videos hold attention

They are short and engaging and keep us wanting to know more in a compelling way.Text alone and still images, just can’t do that. Viewers will stay longer on your web page when you have a whiteboard video. This means that with an extra 2 minutes of viewing time and a catchy unique selling point, you are 64-85% more likely to attract customers to buy YOUR product or service. Isn’t that what you want ?

Videos like this stick in your mind

They are engaging, unique, creative, exciting, and inspiring. Something you can’t get from text alone. Need I continue ?? Here’s a fact. It has been proven that 80% of your potential customers will watch a video on your web site and have a positive customer response. They will remember you above your competitors and be left wanting to know more about what you have to offer. Now that’s impressive !!

Video statistics make interesting reading

Viewers will absorb 47% of the data that is presented to them in audio format. This rises to 82% if the material is presented in video format.

Crazy Egg are serious web data analysis experts. They introduced an animated video to their home page, which is still showing. This simple addition increased conversions by 64%.

Viewers of a web site are 85% more likely to buy products or services if they have viewed a video about the product or the service.

An animated video improves problem solving. Studies with student groups have proved that students were 18% better at information presented in this way, as opposed to talking head videos.

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