Videos on your home page. Do’s and Dont’s

What kind of businesses can benefit from a video on their landing page ?

The answer is easy. Virtually any type of business can benefit. Any landing page is there for one reason; converting page visitors into leads. Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by up to 80%. In this post we will give you a few tips for getting the most potential from having one of our amazing videos on your landing/home page.

Where should I place the video?

It should be easy to find, you only have a short time to catch the visitors attention. Placing it at the top of the page is the most effective. it should be seen straight away on the page. The viewer should not have to scroll down to find it. They are more likely to have left your site before doing that.

Press play vs. autoplay

The simple way is to test out the views and conversions and see which works best for your business. We would recommend you start with the press play option. Autoplay can annoy viewers and your potential customers if the video start immediately, and that’s the last thing your want you do. Another option, if you really want to use the auto-play, is to make the video silent, and give the option for the user to click a button to hear the sound.

Show the Video’s Timer

Often viewers won’t press play if they think your video will play on, and on, and on, and on. They become bored before they even start to watch it. If the viewer knows its only a one minute video, they know before they start the time they need to invest.

Give your video a Title

Name your video, give it a title that the viewer will want to watch. It all helps with SEO benefits. Make it intriguing. If you’re not using auto-play, you want the viewer to press play. Add your video to YouTube, and optimize it for SEO. It’s been suggested that video is 52 times more likely to show up on page one of Google rather than a text article.


Video thumbnail: the video thumbnail is the static image displayed on the screen before the user plays the video. Test different thumbnails, and watch the impact on conversions. If the thumbnail doesn’t look interesting the viewer will think your video probably isn’t either.

Size matters

Don’t make the video too small so the viewer has to squint, and hardly sees it. That’s not what you’re trying to achieve. You should be proud of your video, and want to show it off. Make the video the main page element, without making it so large there’s room for nothing else.

So what’s the first step to take to make sure that you have the most fantastic home page, and turn viewers into leads?

Contact First to Draw of course and let us create you a video.

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