How to maximize your video views, and the use of tags

So you have your video from First to Draw? Now what?

Firstly, you want to share your video, and drive as much traffic as possible to show what your video can do for potential viewers. A good place to start is YouTube. There’s a big difference between just uploading a video onto Youtube, and uploading one that has the full potential to reach lots of views. There are 1000’s of videos uploaded every hour, make yours noticeable.

1. Alway use keywords in the file name of your video. Use keywords that will drive traffic to your website. Avoid file names such as Meeting2.mp3 and make it more about your company and your product. Think about how you would search for your video, that’s how search engine sites work. Make the name relevant to you and the video.

Its your video, so why wouldn’t you include yourself ? Use a couple of varations of your company in your tags like [first to draw] [firsttodraw] and [first to].

When sharing your video, make it easy for others to pass it on too. Allow people to add comments to your video. This can easily strike up a conversation about your product, or service, that you have to offer, and maybe identify apotential customer.

2. There are millions of videos on YouTube, so think carefully about how you title your video. Your title also needs keywords that will show in the search results. Think of a title that will make viewers actually want to watch your video and find out more. You need to stand out from the other videos on YouTube. You don’t need hundreds of tags but you do need to focus on the tags that will work for you. Yes tags are important. but the video title is what will attract your viewers.

3. Another REALLY important factor is the video description. Its important to include your video title. You can include the entire script of the video in the description, not only does it tell your viewers what the video is about but if you want search engines such as Google to find it, then it’s important. If you don’t include the script then use 3-4 paragraphs with the videos content, using keywords. Another VERY important thing to do is to use the same keywords you used in your title and file name in the description.

4. When it comes to tagging your video, again use your keywords. Make sure they are all related to your video. Its helps the search engines to find you. According to YouTube, this is one of the most important ways to rank your video in their search results.

5. Think carefully about the thumbnail of your video. Use part of the video that will capture the viewer, and make them want to press play. Choose something that may intrigue your video viewer, and not a ‘plain’ text part of the video.

6. Always make sure the video is set to ‘Public’ so that anybody can view it, and not set to ‘Private.’ After all, you do want people to see your new video.

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