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Aspen Grove Solutions wanted to promote their company values and requested an RSA style of video. 



The foundation of every great company revolves around 3 things – Vision, Strategy and Values.

What makes ASPEN GREAT are our authentic values.

What are values and why are they important?

Values support our vision, shape our culture and reflect our company principles. They embody our company’s identity.

Treat them as the rules, guiding you and your team toward achieving the company’s goals.

Values motivate people to work together to improve overall company performance.

They help keep the business on track by providing a framework for decision making.

Values reflect a mind-set that promotes desired behaviours

What behaviors do our values promote?

Our attitude when dealing with customers

Helping each other

Taking responsibility and ownership

Developing our own careers and personal goals

Developing and demonstrating leadership

Living as active community members

Working toward a sustainable future

Tackling adversity

Adopting a long-term vision

Sharing our opinions

Contributing to the organization

Recognizing the importance of diversity

They are unique and authentic; our values make us stand out!

What is the Aspen Way?

Ambition – Challenge yourself and those around you both personally and professionally. Be better today than you were yesterday and better tomorrow than you are today.

Support – Encourage your team members, customers, and partners. Share ideas. Speak up. Ask for help.

Pride in your Work – Be proud of your achievements and those of your team and the company. Take ownership and responsibility for your work and actions. Be your own competition.

Enjoyment – Laugh! Have fun together!

New Learning – Embrace new ideas, change, and challenges. Take yourself out of comfort zone – you might surprise yourself!


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