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Q Software were about to launch a new “Cloud”product and looked to us to help promote it on their web site. This is the second video for this company.

If you think YOU’RE having a hard day, spare a thought for poor Alan, the IT Director. He’s got a million problems….

This morning he was summoned by his CEO and CFO. The minute he walked through the door he could tell it wasn’t going to be good news. (Which is a shame, as he’d been hoping for a pay raise).

The CFO had just found out that the company had been scammed for over a million bucks.

Turns out that it was quite easy for some nerd to set up a fictitious vendor and post false invoices on their ERP system. He even managed to “approve” the invoices and get them paid.

Apparently, he’s been doing it for months and nobody noticed….

Until now.

And now they’re looking for someone to fire.

And that’s when they called Alan…

If only he’d listened to that nice guy from Q Software who warned him about this kind of thing a while ago….. but his team is really busy – and he didn’t think it would happen to them.

It could have been so different…

Q Software has this great service called Q Cloud Automated Audit that gathers security data from your ERP system and sends it to the Q Cloud for analysis.

It reports on users with access rights that violate Segregation of Duties rules (including nerds who might feel inclined to commit fraud).

There are interactive enquiries so you can quickly and easily find out exactly who can access what, and drill down for the details that you need to fix the issues.

It even makes recommendations for improvements that need urgent attention.

All you have to do is login to the Q Cloud portal and request an audit whenever you need one. You get accurate reports delivered within hours.

You don’t have to install any new applications – the only thing you need to download is the Q Agent which gathers the data.

Q Cloud can be hosted by any Cloud provider, anywhere in the world, and your data is secure and private throughout the whole process, thanks to encryption and our Multi-Tenant Architecture.

Don’t make the same mistake as Alan, the ex IT Director.

Find out how QCloud Automated Audit can help you prevent fraud on your system.

Visit www.qsoftware.com/qcloudaudit or email sales@qsoftware.com.

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