Script. Writing the perfect one

The main focus of the script is to know who your target audience is, and to show that the audience needs that product.

artist drawing scriptGet a clear understanding of this before putting pen to paper. Think about questions such as target age ? male or female? What is their education level ? are they casual or professional ? etc Asking these questions will help you create the script just for that target audience and make it effective.
Keep in mind that, depending on your message, a whiteboard animation can be longer, but an effective time range can be anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds, so make every word count. Also keep in mind that on average, words spoken a minute are around 150 for your voice-over to the script.
With a little bit of practice, patience, work, advice, and maybe a couple of drafts, following a few simple rules can help create the Perfect Script.

1. Its all about the consumer.Customers really want to know – what’s in it for me ? How can this company help me ? Will this product or service help me solve my problem? The customer wants to feel they are not being ‘sold’ a product/service but that they have found a solution for their own needs; that makes them feel safe and more likely to respond to the video. Ask yourself the question why, and how, is my product going to help the consumer.

2. Keep it simple. What do you really want to say ?
Find the ‘Key’ message for your script. Customers can soon get bored and are more likely to remember the script message the simpler it is. Engage your audience with humor, facts and make it memorable.

3. Use emotion; relate to the viewer.
You can use both positive and negative emotions, the most effective way is to make people feel great, and happiness is the most effective emotion. If the product is serious there is no reason why you can’t inject some humor into the script.
4. We all love a story.
A good story always has a plot, or a challenge; then we like to learn what the challenge is, and, most importantly, how to solve or overcome the challenge. Every story should always have a beginning, middle, and an end. If not the viewer will loose interest.
5. Have a clear Call-to-Action
After watching the video you need to make it clear in your script what you want the audience to do ? Do you want them to sign up to a course, visit a web page or subscribe. You only really need to make one clear call to action.
Read the script out loud to a friend and ask them, does this make sense ?
By following these basic steps you will write a successful script for a video that will not fail. Enjoy.

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