Your video. Your music.

Choosing the right background music for your video.

Background music plays a huge role in your video. It’s a powerful way to connect with the viewer, and adds emotion to your message. It can really make the difference between a video that wows or a video that flops.
Its all about choosing the right track to enhance your video. Here are a few things to think about, to help you when making your choice.

What about Emotion ?
How do you want the viewer to feel when watching ? Excited, happy, sad, shocked etc ? All of these feelings have styles of music that will help evoke that emotion. When choosing the music think about how you want the viewer to feel, and pick the music to match that emotion.

If your video has a voiceover, or maybe even dialogue, then it’s best to avoid tracks with vocals. It’s far too distracting from your message, and can be very confusing to the viewer. You want the viewer to focus on your message, so an instrumental may be a better choice. Keep background music in the background.

This is important, if you have a voiceover telling your message to the viewer, you want, the voice to be heard, and not drowned out. The volume should be easy to hear but quiet enough not to overpower the voiceover.

Think about the content of your video, is it slow and relaxing ? Energetic and fast ? The music should fit in with the style and speed of your video. They should be matched, to keep the flow of the video moving, and easy to watch.

The Test of time
When choosing music its a good idea to choose a track that is not easily recognisable, or a track that you have heard which is easily linked to another product, from a certain era. Try not to choose a track that been popular for a long period of time This way your video will stand the test of the time, and not become dated quickly.
At First to Draw we can offer you a choice of music to add to your video. We will loop (repeat) the audio, and find the best sections of the track to fit your video perfectly.
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